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Warehouse Control

PLC Controls


Warehouse Execution

OEM Equipment Experience

TREW Tech King Operations (TKO) provides software for the warehouse, distribution, manufacturers and retailer solutions to orchestrate the flow of materials, information, people and material handling equipment for reliable and productive fulfillment operations.


  • Ecommerce Fulfillment

  • Retail Distribution

  • Liquor Distribution

  • Pharmaceutical

  • Manufacturing Distribution

  • Express and 3PL Parcel

  • Catalog Fulfillment

  • Electronics

  • Equipment Manufacturers

  • Publishing

Established in 2000, TKO has delivered hundreds of successful projects around the globe using a proven and collaborative project methodology.


TKO Software Key Benefits

  • 20 years of solution know how and experience integrating OEM automation equipment

  • Customer centric tailored solutions built out of standard modular software 

  • Proven collaborative software delivery process working with integrators and their customers

  • Backed by 24x7 in-house professional technical support staff

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